Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall semester recently started and I'm "back in the saddle"at BYU. Studies are intense. However, in the evenings, when things settle down...I have a secret passion that takes the edge off things and relives a lot of stress. I have discovered WOW. To be honest, I've become a WOW freak. I have my own special WOW room complete with a WOW hot line to my mentor, Aidan. We have formed our own guild, "The Untouchables," complete with an official tabard and bank. When Ashley found out I started playing WOW, she chided me, "I can't believe you're playing that...only nerds play WOW." I have crossed over to the dork side. Power to the Horde!

So...Hey! brb cause i g2g agitate the Alliance O.o btw my main is lvl 48!!! I'm omw to glory and greatness! :p cya!