Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall semester recently started and I'm "back in the saddle"at BYU. Studies are intense. However, in the evenings, when things settle down...I have a secret passion that takes the edge off things and relives a lot of stress. I have discovered WOW. To be honest, I've become a WOW freak. I have my own special WOW room complete with a WOW hot line to my mentor, Aidan. We have formed our own guild, "The Untouchables," complete with an official tabard and bank. When Ashley found out I started playing WOW, she chided me, "I can't believe you're playing that...only nerds play WOW." I have crossed over to the dork side. Power to the Horde!

So...Hey! brb cause i g2g agitate the Alliance O.o btw my main is lvl 48!!! I'm omw to glory and greatness! :p cya!


Erin Brady said...

We all have a nerdy side. And besides, at least you have Aidan as a friend, some people can never find anyone to share their secret passion with. btw, nice txting! thnks 4 the gr8 post!

Racquel & Aidan Goodwin said...
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Racquel & Aidan Goodwin said...

Loc Tar! Aski the battle in outland grows sore. It is of utmost importance that you join us in our glorious fight againt the cowardly alliance. When you are strong enough we will wage a victorious battle against these forces which oppose the honorable horde.
Your fellow in arms
Uglug 63 hunter
-Kul Tiras

Aubrey said...

What the heck???? I really feel the generation gap here because I have no Idea what:
" O.o btw my main is lvl 48!!! I'm omw to glory and greatness! :p cya!"
Here try to figure this out: r35 kldnm fm8 odma 4kkdn
That's advanced txting, baby

Ashley Brinn said...

Whatever! It is not advanced txting, Aubrey. I would know. ;) You have no clue what you just said!! Ha ha ha. Your all a bunch of GEEKS. One time I tried to call Mom when she was playing "WOW" and she hung up on me. Who does that!? I don't even call that often!