Saturday, February 6, 2010


I can't stand clutter! Clutter is like weeds in your home. If you are not constantly getting rid of it, it will take over. I am amazed at how much clutter some people live in. A few years ago I helped a couple move. I could not believe the clutter!!! They kept everything. Newspapers were everywhere and mice had moved into them. They could only get into bed from one side because clutter filled the room on the other sides. Canned food had gone bad and needed to be thrown out. It would have been easier to torch the place and start over.
FACT: You can't keep a home clean with clutter. Here are 4 rules I live by to tame the clutter beast:

1. USE IT OR LOOSE IT!!!!! If you have not used it in a year get rid of it!!! You don't need it. This goes for everything, clothes, shoes, kitchen gadgets, makeup, etc. If you're not sure you can part with something, put it in a box, seal it, and store it. If, after a year you have not used what's in the box get rid of it. No peeking. Throw it away or give it away.

2. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. I only have 2 sets of sheets per bed at most. One set is on the bed of course, and the spare set is stored in the linen closet. This saves alot of money. Most of us have a washer and dryer. You can wash and dry a load of laundry in an hour. Save yourself money by only buying the minimum of anything, clothes, shoes, coats, etc. Live frugally.

3. Get rid of the clutter! Take it to the the D.I. or throw it away. I'm forever taking stuff to the D.I. then I use the donations as a tax write off. In dealing with clutter here are your options:
Keep it
Give it away
Throw it away.

Put your clutter in one of these 3 categories. If you keep it, make sure you use it (rule #1). There are some things I keep for sentimental reasons (like my wedding dress). They don't count. But I'm even getting harsh with pictures. I keep only the best.

4. If something is broken or worn out, get rid of it. Don't keep junk. I'd rather have a little of something nice than a lot of junk. And just because you might be "economically challenged" doesn't mean you have to keep junk. Take pride in your environment and yourself.

One final thought: A clutter free home reduces the chance of injuries due to accidents. It is also a cleaner home. A cleaner home is a healthier home which will save you thousands of dollars on medical bills due to illness and/or accidents.

So...use it or loose it! Free yourself.


Aubrey said...

THANK YOU!!! I'll use this as a my bible during my 2-Week Clutter-Bust Challenge. I'll also put this link in my challenge. I remember our home was always clean and clutter-free when I was a kid . . .no matter where we lived . . .and you had 5 of us. Some of the apartments we lived in while Dad was in school were really small. . . but they were always clean and comfy :)

Aleta said...
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Scott said...

This is very good advice. A well kept home is priceless. Housekeeping is becoming an endangered occupation, right there with logging, mining, and ranching. *#$@&!!! liberals. But, I digress. The only drawback, husbands, is that things have a way of coming up missing.

Erin Brady said...

I agree with all that you said. I once read a magazine article where people rented a dumpster and went through their entire house and threw away what they didn't need. In the end they said it was very liberating. One less thing to move around, one less thing to dust. Houses with a bunch of nick-knacks everywhere never look clean.

Ashley Brinn said...

Oh I sure remember the "use it or lose it" theme Mom lived by. I'm glad we had it but I remember things coming up missing as well. Here's how the conversations would go: "Mom, have you seen that one shirt I have?" [then I would describe it]and Mom would say, "Oh yeah, I gave it to the D.I.; you never wore it." then I would counter, "What!! I wore it last week!" Yep... good memories.