Friday, September 12, 2008

I lost myself. It happened slowly and somewhere among the incessant demands of others. I'm trying to find me but can't because the old me no longer exists. Someone else has taken her place and I haven't figured out who she is. My forever boyfriend comments on this renaissance woman as he watches me tackle things I had crossed off life's list. "WOW" he says, "You would have never done that before!" He's right. The old me wouldn't... but the new me does. I no longer have fears. It makes all the difference.


Erin Brady said...

Very profound. It sounds like you like the new you. And I'm glad that you have this "me" time now, now that we've all gotten a little bit older and you can explore your strenghts, weakness, and talents. It's amazing how college and a little bit of education can change a person. I'm taking a personal finance class, and I can't believe how much it's changing the way I look at money. I realize how ignorant I've been, and how expensive my ignorance is. (Today we learned about how to save money on taxes) It's liberating. I'm glad that you're finding a different you.

Aubrey said...

When I'm afraid to do something, I sometimes play this game with myself that I call "The Worst That Could Happen..."
Usually I make myself laugh with the things I imagine. Yet, at the root of it all, I realize that the worst that could happen is ... for me to never even try.
It even works on killing spiders.